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Best Business Phone System Installers Near Me For High Tech Products And Services: Telecom in DFW


Several businesses in DFW are operating with the old and traditional way of one or two-line phones. Some use mobile phones to communicate with other employees and clients. If you want to take your company one step forward to success, start operating it with inexpensive business phone installers near me. Not only are they affordable and comes within the budget, but they come with greater benefits and services that any person can afford.

If you are searching for the best business phone installers near you, then Telecom in DFW is the best choice for you. They offer services all over Texas and make businesses bring the best by switching from the traditional ones to the new business phone systems.

About Business Phone System and Telecom in DFW

A business phone system is a new and revolutionary calling network that is designed to improve and enhance communication for business ( either small-scale or large-scale). As we all know, direct calling is one of the most expensive things in place and the most effective way of growing a business. And because of that, a business phone system gives the perks of making phone systems so affordable that any company can afford it.

How does It work?

A PBX Business Phone System uses VoIP technology like the internet to make and receive calls from another user. IT technology uses small and customized packets of digitalized information and sent them over the internet to another user who decodes it to get the data over the internet.

The process that takes place in a Business Phone System is also known as “packetization” or packet switching. And the process involves further steps; firstly the analog signals are converted into digital signals by the end of the sender by using the ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor). After that, the data is converted into small individual packets and sent to the receiver over the internet. The one who receives it converts the signals back into the analog signals and by this, transferring of information takes place.

This process is done using various methods of coding and decoding. The computer then records the audio messages and covers them into small packets collected in large groups and gets packaged into data packets. And in the end, the packs are transmitted over the internet network.

Benefits of a Business Phone System

1. Share Phone Lines 

Sharing lines in a traditional phone system, in order for an in-house employee to use a particular phone line, the line must terminate on that person’s phone who is on the other side. Suppose you own a business in which each of the employees is having their own phone number for communication; they all require one phone line and a jack installed for each one. It sounds a bit easy but can cost you a whole lot. On the other hand, having a phone system means you can share phone lines with others.

2. Abbreviated Dialing 

Having a traditional phone system means communicating with other people by using a shout or sneakernet. If a person wants to speak to another person, he would have to walk over to the other person’s desk or raise his voice to speak. But in a phone system, employees can pick up the receiver, and by dailing two or three digits, can talk to another employee.

3. Auto Attendant

For example, if you ever talk to a business recorded instruction, if called them to enter the extension or dial by name, then it means you were listening to an auto attendant.

4. Eliminating Monthly Reoccuring Fees 

If you are using a traditional phone service and having two or three-line phone sets by a phone service provider and want a voice messaging service as an additional once, then you might have to pay additional charges. For each voice messaging in the mailbox and forward feature, you have to pay an extra charge. Small-business can even afford, but when it comes to large-scale business, then the business phone system can help you eliminate those additional charges.

5. Transfer Calls 

Ever thought about what it feels like to be waiting for someone to get on a call when a person says, “Hey Stuart, pick up line four for that!” These types of gestures are very unprofessional for a reputed business and can damage your reputation. Having a phone system allow employees to receive and transfer the call to anyone with only a push button.

Services Provided

Telecom in DFW is one of the leading Business Phone System installers near me and in Texas that offers the most advanced and high tech services to business. Having a proactive approach, Telecom in DFW designed phone system services with high-class technologies that can benefit people in several ways. The plans are made at such affordable prices that anyone can afford to hire for their business. The services provided by Telecom in DFW are:

  • Professional Installation
  • Voice Mail System
  • System Relocation
  • Complete Programming
  • Custom Designated Strips
  • Consultancy Services
  • User Guides

Why Telecom in DFW?

Telecom in DFW is the best business phone service when it comes to features and ease of use. They provide a large set of services and benefits, with quick set-up and affordable pricing. With the help of a professional staff of IT experts and skilled engineers, the plan is meticulously according to each business’s likes and preferences so that they get the best services as per their requirements and save any extra cost of services they do not need.

If you are looking for a company in Texas for IT Services, visit Telecom in DFW– the best business phone system installers near me with high-class services and phone system service quality. You can also visit the office at 12221Merit Dr Ste 460, Dallas, Tx 75251.

Or you can also contact at (972)200-3219.


Business phone systems are no longer only used for simplifying making and receiving calls. Today’s unified modern phone system can make a person communicate through calls, videos, and emails, which gives you business more flexibility to contact clients and customers in the way they prefer. The best business phone system installers near me – Telecom in DFW will provide you the best plans at an affordable price that even small scale business can afford.

Choose your ideal plan and provide your business with the best and more advanced phone systems in Texas and other nearby cities.