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10 Best Core Google Strategies to boost your Online traffic 2021

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Website traffic is equally important as an indicator and driver of your business growth. It helps you in: making marketing strategies, gathering insights about your viewers to make decisions accordingly, improving credibility of SEO and other search engines, and helping you to generate more leads and conversions.

In this article, we have compiled some core Google strategies that can help you to boost your online traffic. This article is going to be lengthy so, without wasting your time let’s get started.

1. Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

When you use similar key-phrases in multiple pages for your website, then keyword cannibalization happens.

In another way, keyword cannibalization is when your one page eats the other page’s trafficking. This usually happens when your two or more pages are opposing each other for ranking in a similar search for the same pages.

  • You can find out if any of your pages are cannibalizing others’ traffic. You can check that by searching “site:yourwebsite.com keyword” on Google.
  • If you can’t change the framework of cannibalizing pages, combine their context and delete the slightest performing one. Also, don’t forget to add 301 redirects whereas you are merging it so that you can’t lose any backlinks.
  • Always save all your website URLs in a spreadsheet so you can easily focus on if any keyword has any duplicate value.
  • You can use the rel=”canonical” to define your page as the main if you have two pages with similar context.

2. Keep User Intent at the Top

If your content fulfills it then Google ranks you on the top. Likewise, if your content does not provide what they are demanding, it will impact a bad user experience on your site. Google has multiple algorithms to exclude sites with having bad user experiences. If it happens then your site will slink your page down.

  • Mainly there are three types of content, Navigational, Informational, and Transactional. Ensure that before start writing which type of content you are generating.
  • Generate content marketing strategy according to your audience, try to produce appropriate content.
  • Always stick to the topic or link that pulls users towards your website.
  • Create an FAQ column or page on your website.

3. Optimize for Voice Search

Well, voice search is going to conquest text searches in near future. Smartphones are focusing to improve voice search growth in the digital world.

  • Generate more conversation content that offers answers to voice search users.
  • Make long-tail keywords for your content.
  • Always optimize your content suitable for mobiles because voice-based searches are often done by smartphones.
  • Remember using shorts paragraphs, bullets and lists can make your content feature in google search.

4. Be Consistent with Content Updation

The easiest way to help you in boosting your organic traffic speedily. It’s better to keep update your content on your page.

  • Make sure to check the content metrics before updating it.
  • Check how your page looks on mobile phones. If it does not well fit, change its interface so that mobile users can easily access your content.
  • Every time check 301 redirects are working properly whenever you change the slug page.
  • Check if there any broken link present on your site, just fix it.

5. Build Links Cleverly

According to reports, 91% of the pages don’t get organic traffic as they don’t have backlinks present.

Adding inbound and outbound links in your content help your page to get more visible in Google searches.

  • Use more comprehensive text in links can make your user which page they are redirecting when they click the link.
  • Interlink if there is any orphaned page on your website.
  • When you are adding any reference link in your content such as any source, report, or anything, ensure it’s not too old.
  • While putting links to your web page, ensure its credibility before, for that use rel=”nofollow” in the anchor tag to evade passing it.

6. Start Blogging

I know you have heard this many times. But still, I had to mention it because it is the basic and main element in boosting organic traffic.

Nothing can bring more traffic than content, do you want to increase your reach? Then cover more keywords to get more attentive outreach.

  • Constantly proofread your article at least twice.
  • Create a user persona to identify which audience will be read your particular blogs.
  • Enhance your blog, title, and URL for improved readability, SEO, and CTR.

7. Current Metrics

If you want to drive more organic traffic on your website, simply analyze what your current data is.

Checking for your current data will help you generate new ideas for future posts.

  • Identified if traffic is converting. And which elements are dipping them down.
  • Must know how much organic, social, and referral traffic you are receiving. And from where you are getting more traffic.
  • Observe the bounce rate of your website, also find the reason behind it.

8. Analyze your competitors

If you have a business website, surely you must have competitors. It can disturb the overall performance but sometimes your competitors are giving you great insights too, never copy their content and always learn from.

  • Firstly identify your actual competitors.
  • Visit their websites and check out their top-performing elements.
  • Check their best selling products and services.
  • Analyze their quality, cost, and selling strategies.

9. Video in content marketing

Videos are more important in marketing for your business. It is something people like the most. No one likes to read these days but everyone is looking for some more engaging visual content. It helps to generate organic traffic to any website.

  • Make short videos even, 10-second video content is enough.
  • Transcribe your video content
  • A bright color scheme can make your video vibrant and more attractive.

10. Overlook to mobile

Mostly your website users are using smartphones if, you are providing them bad experiences. It means you can lose huge traffic, but if you are providing them a mobile-friendly experience that means it going to boost traffic on your site.

  • If your website has different kinds, outline them clearly for easy navigation.
  • Avoid popups, it looks wired on mobile screens. People get easily irritated with it.
  • Make a responsive website so that it can adjust on any screen.


Boosting your online traffic may not affect you monetarily, but it demands lots of efforts from your side. Though, the struggle you do with the quality of content will help you generate more organic traffic to your website. As I have mentioned earlier, there is no other option for generating organic traffic to your website if your website visitors are not liking your content. try to create more engaging content that make them to engage with your page, turn in leads, and finally become your customers.

Author’s Bio:

Grace Stewart is a wife, mother, and professional writer by choice. She completed her MBA in English literature from the University of Groningen. Currently, she is a permanent contributor to a Top Web Designing Company in the US. She loves pets and can’t live without her beloved cat!