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5 Best Places to Visit in Grand Junction for First time Visitors


Grand Junction is nestled in the west-central portion of Colorado along the shores of the Colorado River with nearly 60,000 residents and is the seat of Mesa County. It is a short drive away from the neighboring state of Utah, while its western location makes it a pretty tourist destination amidst the slopes of the Rockies.

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Below are the things to do in Grand Junction, Colorado:

Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument is located a drive from Grand Junction on Rim Rock Drive in Fruits and is a historic Colorado attraction with many photographed sites in the western part of the state. The museum features grand natural formations of stratified rock in vibrant reds, bronzes, and oranges towering over the ground. Visit this place if you are a lover of the natural world in all its splendor.

Avalon Theater

Grand Junction’s Avalon Theater is an ideal place for lovers of classic movies and live entertainment on the big screen and is a great resource that every visitor must-see. The theatre is located on Main Street near the downtown area, originally built in the early ’20s. the spot is under renovations over the years and now provides numerous entertainment options, including independent, foreign, and dance recitals and dramatic theater, classic films and  concerts.

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Grand Junction Motor Speedway is a family-centered magnetism featuring go-karts for all ages, and scheduled races, including Supercross motorcycles and drag racing in the mud. You will long for more roller-coaster activities after visiting this place full of stunning natural beauty and an abundance of historical attractions. Consider dedicating some hours to mechanical turmoil at Grand Junction Motor Speedway. Enjoy the go-kart while having delectable food and drinks that are also available on-site.

The Museums of Western Colorado

The Museums of Western Colorado features the ancient Native American pottery, settler-era weapons, local art, first-hand accounts of those who participated in the taming of the west. This complex museum encompasses several museums and historical attractions and is the largest facility of its kind in the vast expanse of the wild country located between west of Salt Lake City and east of Denver. The museum’s id presents here from decades attracting many visitors who join a regularly scheduled docent tour.

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Cross Orchards Historic Site

The Cross Orchards Historic Site offers historic buildings, informative signs, and a renovated train station that dates back into the 20th century. This site gives visitors a complete understanding from the time when it was full of dangerous animals, hostile natives, and an unforgiving climate, and people left their livings from western Colorado’s harsh environment at a time. In addition, this site provided a home to more than 20,000 individual fruit trees.

Main Street Bagels

The Main Street Bagels shop is located near the downtown area and has been present here since 1995 that features fast Wi-Fi, comfy seats, a variety of baked goods, delectable coffee, and made on-site from scratch daily. The menu includes artisan bread, sandwiches, juices, smoothies, and salads and are loved by local customers. The street is nestled inside an iconic building, features a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, and attracts national chain competitors.

James M. Robb Colorado River State Park

The James M. Robb, Colorado River State Park, connects many western states and comprises five areas, including portions of the river, lake, islands, and wildlife preservation land. Visit this natural wonder to experience a great divine essence. The park offers many outdoorsy types significant sums of time because of its massiveness and diversity of activity options. Visit this spot during the winter to enjoy snowmobiling and cross-country skiing and in the warmer spring and summer months to relish kayaking, hiking, and fishing that are great ways to spend a day.

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