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Fun Things to do in L.A


Los Angeles is known for its exciting attractions and amazing entertainment. After all, the city is home to Hollywood, one of the premier destinations for celebrities. As a result, plenty of amenities have popped up around the city in order to entertain these celebrities and the large number of tourists that come to the city. Although there are plenty of entertainment options throughout the city, some options stand out among the crowd and have cemented themselves as must-visit attractions. Here are the most fun things to do in L.A.

Santa Monica Beach

An extremely popular part of Los Angeles is the nearby Santa Monica Beach and its famous pier. The beach is among the most famous and popular beaches in the country, earning some serious recognition among beachgoers. Of course, going to the beach for some water activities and relaxation is always great, but that isn’t what separates Santa Monica from other beaches. The area has some amazing restaurants and a bustling nightlife scene, making it the perfect place to go out and party. You won’t need to ask where there are go-go dancers for hire near me while in L.A, as you’ll find plenty of entertainment in Santa Monica. If you’re ever in L.A, you absolutely need to check out Santa Monica.

Staples Center

The Staples Center is one of the premier entertainment venues in the country and can offer you some amazing memories. As a sports venue, you can see Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers play or LeBron James and the Lakers take the court. Since both teams call Staples Center home, there’s almost always basketball action going on in L.A during the season. If basketball isn’t really your sport, then you can always catch a King’s game at Staples Center, as LA’s NHL representative also calls the arena home. Outside of sports, some of the biggest concerts and events in the entire county happen at Staples Center. Some of the biggest names in music and entertainment perform at Staples Center, which alone makes it a must-visit attraction. If you’re in LA, you definitely need to check out what’s going on at Staples Center, as it could lead to some unforgettable memories and experiences.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

One of the most famous sights to see in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here those that have made major contributions to the world of entertainment are enshrined with a Hollywood Star. Most of your favorite singers, dancers, actors, and actresses all have a star here, celebrating their major achievements and triumphs. Going through and seeing all of the names that are enshrined is fascinating, almost akin to walking through a famous sports Hall of Fame in Cooperstown or Canton. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a key part of the area, and if you find yourself in the city then you absolutely should check it out.

Griffith Observatory

A top tier destination in Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory, an attraction that offers views like none other. Here you can get a great view of the beautiful surrounding area, which is definitely worthwhile. However, the attraction also offers visitors other unique features as well. For example, the attraction has a planetarium and has a slew of other attractions that are not only fascinating to look at but also provide great educational value. If you’re looking for something fun and educational in Los Angeles, then you can’t go wrong with visiting the Griffith Observatory.