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Will Sliding Shower Door work for your bathroom?

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A front door should offer the wow factor to your home while offering protection and insulation as well,’ says Elizabeth Assaf, co-founder of Urban Front. Which specializes in modern Sliding Shower Doors in a designer theme. ‘Consider the house’s exterior – is it traditional or contemporary, rendered or brick; is there a wood or tiled floor in the home? ‘You don’t have to stick only to the era of your house, even though the panelled doors will never fall off the design radar. Do not be afraid to create a comparison between a contemporary door and period architecture. The most recent patterns include:

  1. Broad doors are 830 mm wide, but 950 mm may have an actual effect if your current door has enough space on either side to fit a wider frame. Full-height side-light glass can also stream natural light into a dark corridor.
  2. Oak’s Solid Woods used to be a popular pick, but the common choice is increasingly prosperous golden Iroko and striking American black walnut. JELD-WEN uses engineered wood for added strength and protection, and the solid wood Sliding Shower Doors of the Urban Front have a reinforced steel core to avoid warping.
  3. Simplicity ‘A modern door, even in a Victorian or Edwardian home, can create a cool contrast,’ says Nabil Assaf, also of Urban Front. Concealed hinges and subtle inlays of stainless steel help keep a modern but minimal look.’
  4. Pivot doors ‘Bespoke pivot doors are standard because it can make them wider than tall,’ says Enclosure Architects’ Mark Fyson. When the door opens, there is no ‘bending moment’ which takes the strain off the hinges. So it is possible to make pivot doors up to 4mm wide.’

Colourful doors add up grace. 

Farrow & Ball’s director Sarah Cole recommends using Black Blue (£44.99 per 2.5l) for red-brick and Georgian houses – it is neither completely black nor blue and offers a smart look. A white-fronted period home, Midnight Blue is elegant.

Green or grey fits well for something classic; go for a gloss on a townhouse or mat in the countryside. Deeper tones work well on front doors with more nuanced colours,’ Louise Smith, colour and design manager, suggests.

The transparent base in the modern choice 

‘A door doesn’t just allow you into a room these days: they can make it of steel or glass, or it can behave like a curtain or a window. Click the button and bingo – it is not there anymore! And those you can render vanish into the floor are there,’ James Wells of Wells Mackereth Architects enthuses. Doors within your home are progressively no longer blocking one room from another. But allow light and movement to pass within a room.

FIRE Protection and Security

  • Prevention of fire

Be conscious of fire regulations when installing a door, inside or out (visit the professional section about Part B regulations at planningportal.gov.uk). This refers to any door that leads to what we call a fire escape route. As an alternative to self-closing fire doors, Rõude & Tucker have built a discreet fire door system called simple. If it is part of an existing mains-operated smoke detection system, we can easily place it on existing Sliding Shower Doors. For more info, visit firesafety.org.uk.

  • Security at home

Ensure that any lock fitted follows the five-lever mortice deadlock system of the British Standard. A Yale-type rim latch cylinder lock on its own is not enough security,’ says Kerry Walters of the London Door Company. Banham security experts suggest a combination of a latch lock and a deadlock (try a Banham M2002 cylinder mortice deadlock and an L2000 rim deadbolt, both insurances approved and to British Standard 3621). Investigate the advantages of a reinforced steel front door if you live in a high-crime city. Opt for laminated security glass for added security. Visit securedbydesign.com for more advice.

Accessories for doors


Try the contemporary Perspex or stainless-steel plaque by Abode Plaques to alternative metal house numbers.

HAF Designs and Turnstyle Designs have exceptional handles for internal doors that combine elegant metals such as steel and bronze with wood and stitched leather features. For conventional knobs, knockers and locks, Ludlow’s Holloways is an excellent source. 


Use decorative film on glass panels for a simple, modern update. We can cut it to have interesting patterns, words, or numbers. Karen Lansdown, the co-founder of the decorative film company Brume, says, ‘The opaque finish of frosted film offers protection while still letting light in, and really makes your door stand out.’


‘Doors are key to your home’s energy efficiency, protection and aesthetics,’ says Mark Roberts, JELD-WEN product manager. Consider its nature – it could have caused it to stretch, deform and crack if moisture has penetrated the door. A handyman may determine whether the door has deteriorated beyond repair, or whether it sorts by dust, varnish (or paint) and re-alignment. A right Sliding Shower Door also contributes to energy efficiency: it might need to be re-aligned, or a frame improved if a draught or a weatherstrip at the top or bottom may help. Make sure the glass is double-glazed and well-fitted.

Sliding Shower Doors at the Royal Bathrooms

Think about your home’s architecture. Is it a more traditional style, or is it a modernity house? In an antique or classic theme, we build many older homes. Although the more modern designed doors appreciate, they may stand out in a traditional home, and not in the right way. It is advisable to have a door built that incorporates a modern twist with the classic style. That way, it will blend into the home’s theme, but we will still include the modern aspect. If you have a current home, you might have a modern way of designing a pivot door. They usually associate geometric forms and straight lines on Sliding Shower Doors with modern designs. Google now!