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What Are the Types Of Car Service You Can Go For?


There are end numbers of car service options available for you in the market. There are the logbook service schedules that need to be followed for new cars based on the manufacturer’s instructions – either depending on the kilometers traveled or the amount of time elapsed. However, there are other aspects of car service that need to be looked at apart from the regular servicing. The different levels of service are:

Safety Service: This is the car service that is the bare minimum.  This service is used by people that are low on funds. This safety service includes various things which are necessary like the engine oil needs to be replaced, the oil filter need to be replaced, there is a proper check that is done under the bonnet and there is topping up of fluids, the belts are inspected, the hoses are inspected and the battery is tested too. When this servicing is done, the vehicle safety inspection is usually done as well as the adjustment of the handbrake and the checking of the charging system and the cooling system.  This service is usually only good for about a year or up to 15,000 km for the car service.

Car Service
Car Service

Major Car Service:  The cost for this service is a little more but then it also lasts for around 2 years or 30,000 km. This covers everything that the safety service usually covers and there are some extra services as well. The extras are the checking of the engine management system as well as having a diagnostic scan done and also the analysis of the fault code. During this car service, the air filter is replaced and the external fuel filter is replaced and also the spark plugs which are non-platinum.

Premium Car Service:  This service lasts for 45,000 km or 36 months. This does everything that the major service does and in addition to that, the premium service includes checking of the brake fluid. Some people might argue that this is not necessary to change the brake fluid. However, when the brake fluid is not replaced microscopic rust particles wear away the parts of the vehicle. Also during the premium service, the coolant is replaced as well.

Ultimate Car Service: This car service does everything that is done by the other kinds of servicing and in addition to that it ensures that the car is in good shape for 48 months or up to 60,000 kms. This kind of servicing receives an on-car fuel injector flush as well as a throttle body clean and it also includes decarburization of the engine as well as an additive to the fuel tank.

Car Service
Car Service

When you want to go for a car service there are other things which need to be considered and not only the kind of service which you need but also the kind of service you should go in for. There are mechanics who will do this servicing for you and so you need to make sure that you only hire the best professionals in the trade. In addition to this, there is another method and that is calling a mobile mechanic who goes ahead and does it for you at their office or their homes.  These are preferred by people who are busy and who want the servicing done at their convenience and location. So select the best car service option and enjoy your smooth and comfortable driving experience.

When you want to go in for any of the kinds of services you should find out the upfront cost from the different options and then make up your mind as to what you want to go in for.