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Portugal Golden Visa: A Complete Guide to Quickly Get EU Residency

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The Portugal Golden Visa Programme is a quick track for non-EU investors to get EU residency. With this program, the interested investors have to make the required amount of investment to get the EU passport. 

The interested non-European can make an investment in real estate, generate at least 10 job opportunities in Portugal, and transfer the amount to a local bank. Once the investors receive the Portugal passport, then they can enjoy various benefits with this passport.  

The Portugal Golden Visa program was introduced in the year of 2012 and it has created a right way to let non-EU citizens gain a residency permit in Portugal. To get this residency permit, the investors have to maintain this investment for six years. 

The Golden Visa Program has not just helped non-EU people to live and work, but they have also done amazing wonders for the local economy. After the launch of this scheme, approximately six billion euros have been invested.

The Portuguese Golden Visa is growing in popularity because it is one of the widely popular citizenship investment programs. It is so because of the affordable property prices.

Portugal is a nation that is named among the safest countries around the whole world. Moreover, people living in the country can have good quality of life and good health care facilities as well.

With the help of a good transportation system and renowned universities in the city of Lisbon, it is named among the eco-friendly cities in the world. This country boasts of the best climate in the entire European continent.

This nation has the best blue flag beaches and that’s why it is attractive for various investors. If anyone gets the Golden Visa by Portuguese citizenship by investment, you have to spend at least 15 days in Portugal.

You can spend 14 days either consecutively or intermittently, within every 2 years visa duration. You can enjoy the benefits which are offered to EU residents. It includes visa-free travel and there are so many options to work, live, and study in Portugal.

Tips To Get EU Residency 

Portugal’s government has launched the Portugal Golden Visa program to offer resident status to the investors and their respective families. The investors can invest in the form of real estate, transfer funds or generate employment in the country.

Once you have the Golden Visa residency permit, you will get the following rights:

  • You can live in Portugal for the duration you have your visa.
  • You can live, work, and study in Portugal for the time in which you have your visa.
  • The Portugal Golden Visa holders have the right to travel freely in 26 Schengen countries without the need for a Visa. Your Portugal Golden Visa will work everywhere.
  • You can also get Portuguese citizenship in just five years. When you have Portuguese citizenship, you can use your same right anywhere in Portugal and European Union.
  • You can live with your family in Portugal and the European Union.
  • The Portuguese golden visa holders have a temporary residence permit for two years. This permit is renewable after two years. At the end of five years, the Portugal Golden Visa holder can apply for permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship at the end of five years. Make sure all legal requirements are fulfilled to get the Portuguese residency.

The rise in inquiries related to the Portuguese Golden Visa program has proven that it is one of the attractive options. Low living costs, amazing landscapes, rich culture, and history with high safety standards make it a perfect place to live with your family. Therefore, the popularity of the Golden Visa program is rising.

Apply For Golden Visa Program

The process of applying for the Golden Visa program is not very complicated. It includes collecting various documents, both in Portugal and your nation. You should collect all necessary documents and start applying for a Portugal Golden Visa.

But, if you will hire local professionals to do this on your behalf, then you can easily accomplish the process. The Portugal Homes skilled professionals should find out the local property market laws.

All these things will not just help in saving your precious time, but also reduce the probability of errors. The professionals can easily handle the documentation process, offer attorney services and follow your needs and requirements.

Recently, the Portuguese government has announced that the Golden Visa application will be digitized. Now interested investors can make all their investments online. Even the issuance of the Portuguese individual tax number has also been digitized. 

It will help in reducing the bureaucracy and also speed up your application process. If you are interested in getting a Portuguese residency, then the Golden Visa Program is the quickest and simplest way to get that.