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What You Should do when a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping


Have you upgraded your circuit breaker recently? Well, a common problem to deal with is tripped circuit breaker. So, what will you do in such a situation? If your circuit breaker trips, it will leave a room or the entire house in the dark and without power. However, solving this problem is quite simple.

What you should do when the circuit breaker trips

When there is a surge of energy overloading the circuit such as lightning strike or heavily stressed outlet drawing, then the breaker’s safeguard is to switch off the circuit. You can get the power back with these three easy steps:

  1. Turn off all lights and appliances due to power outage – You need to switch everything off if there is power failure. If your television is not working and it does not have manual off switch, then you should unplug it. It is advised that you do not have any electronics drawing electricity in case the circuit breaker is reset or there can be further damage. The sudden surge of power might affect your computer adversely.
  2. Look for circuit box and breakers in the off position – There are some circuit breakers that have orange or red colour when they are switched off.
  3. Try to flip the breaker from off to on – After this, you will have to turn back the electronic devices and appliances after you turn off in Step 1. If the circuit breaker is tripping, then it is time to call for an emergency electrician.

How the circuit breaker keeps tripping

If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, then this might be a serious concern that occurs due to general wear and tear on the circuit breaker. Hence, it will require installing a new one.

Repeated circuit breaker tripping that take place due to general wear and tear on the circuit breaker is usually done due to these issues:

  1. Short circuit – A short circuit is something common and probably risky. This happens when a “hot wire” gets in contact with a neutral wire in an electrical outlet that leads to current overload to flow all through the circuit by forming heat. After this, the circuit breaker shuts off automatically for cases that require preventing an electrical fire.
  2. Overloaded circuit – Another common occurrence is overloaded circuit. When the electrical system or certain circuits cannot manage amps that come through the circuit, then it will flip the breaker and cause damage to electronic decices or start a fire.
  3. Ground fault – This takes place when bare ground wire and hot wire are touching the metal box. This will start out a chain reaction that pushes more electricity through circuit than is supposed to hold by tripping the breaker repeatedly. A ground fault surge or ground fault will usually burn an outlet.

If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping, then you need to call an emergency electrician in London for inspecting the situation. He ensures to provide convenience, reliability, safety and professionalism that can help in solving all electrical problems with ease. Do you find your heating or cooling system is using more energy than expected? If yes, then call electricians right away so that they can diagnose the problems thoroughly and deal with them in the most efficient way.