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Why Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture is a Better Option?

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The Grey MDF bathroom furniture is the latest trend in the market. In the past, wood was the only available material for vanities and cabinets. However, it has advantages and disadvantages. With time, scientists developed a new material, MDF, to provide more cost-effective material for furniture so we can save our natural resources. However, it was not that durable then natural wood. But continued progress helped scientists introduced its better version. As a result, today, it is a reliable, durable, and cost-effective alternative to natural wood. That’s it is the most popular material for bathroom furniture today. The good thing about this material is that you can paint it in color of choice. Have you ever thought about why to prefer it instead of natural wood? Would it be really better? Let’s have a look at it.

Comparing Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture Vs. Solid Wood

As discussed earlier, bathroom furniture was made of wood. There were many different types of trees for this purpose, including cedar, beechwood, Eucalyptus, etc. Is Grey MDF vanity units and cabinets really a better option. The truth is, like everything else, both wood and mdf have advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about what you prefer. 

Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture is Sturdy. 

Technically, MDF is a material with a mixture of wood leftovers. It reacts differently than wood in different ways. For example, it is easier to thrash it rather than bending it. That makes it resistant to a moist environment. When exposed to moist air, it may absorb some water but will not change its shape much. 

Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture is Affordable. 

The main reason for engineer wood’s popularity is that it costs Less then wood. The main reason is that a factory can manufacture it depending on the material available in the market. So, supply does not depend on natural wood cutting and processing. It’s just sourced and manufactured. At the same time, natural wood will be purchased, cut from anywhere, and supplied to the manufacturing plant. It may take years to regrow the tree again. 

Easier Manufacturing and Paint. 

They make grey MDF bathroom furniture from wood sheets. It can cut these sheets into pieces to make vanity units or storage cabinets as per your need. This process is easier and takes a lot less time. While for natural wood, you will have to first cut the wood into pieces that may have different sizes and widths. So, it may take longer to manufacture the furniture from it. Besides that, the paint on MDF is a lot easier. Perhaps, many has the pain on it when you buy. Then this paint is on it while making a storage unit from it. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

 As discussed earlier, everything has its disadvantages, too, and Grey MDF vanity units are no exception. The few things that may be considered disadvantages are that it cannot bear so much weight over it compared to the natural wood. In addition to that, it can damage easily and catch fire quickly than other naturally sourced wood material. These are the drawbacks that are not important for many of us. That’s why it is popular material for bathroom furniture around the world. 

Buy Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture from Royal Bathrooms UK

In this article, we have a detailed review of Grey MDF Bathroom Furniture. While comparing it to natural wood, we can confidently say that it is a better value for money. It is lightweight, costs less, and can withstand the moist bathroom environment easily. Solid wood, in comparison, may cost more and be easily affected by moisture. At Royal Bathrooms, we have mdf vanities units and cabinets available in different colors. If you want to buy any items, you need for the next bathroom makeover. You can visit our website to explore our product range.