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How To Backup Yahoo Emails To Hard Drive

Yahoo email backup software

All of us know that Yahoo is an email client that is used by many of us for email conversations. But when you want to migrate the yahoo to another email client you must need a backup of yahoo data in local storage fo your computer or migrate all the data to a new email client like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. then to take the backup of yahoo database you need to do manual methods or you can go with a yahoo backup email tool which can take backup in the local storage or migrate the email client.


We can say there are many reasons to take yahoo backup. Data of mails is so much important for the user and sometimes due to low network coverage we inaccessible to read or view the yahoo data if the data is saved in computer local storage then it can be accessible by us at any time even without any network. And if you deleted the file unintentionally or accidentally then if you saved a local backup then you can easily recover the file.

The reason is whatever big or small we prefer to take a backup of yahoo mail to local storage of the computer. The best yahoo email backup software is here for you.


Firstly yahoo mail backup software is a professional approach for backup or migrating yahoo database. Now I will give some major points for the need for a backup tool in the bullets below.

  • MULTIPLE ACCOUNT BACKUP-With this professional tool you can take the backup of multiple accounts of yahoo to local storage.
  • ORIGINAL AND FORMATTED DATABASE-With this tool it takes a backup as it is the same with the file attachments cc, bcc, and in the original format.
  • BACKUP IN MULTIPLE FORMATS– These tools can export the backup resultant file in many formats like PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, etc in 20+ file formats.
  • FREE UP SERVER SPACE– After the backup, this tool will show you a pop up to delete the data from the server. It will free up space from the yahoo server which is important for speed and performance.


Here is the third party professional Yahoo email backup software from MailConverterTools. It is the best tool for migrating from yahoo to another email client or to take the local backup. It is the safest and easiest backup tool in his segment. In yahoo mail backup tool it has the best and the maximum features to make a better and effortless backup.

So here I will give some of the best features of the yahoo email backup tool.

  • With this tool, users can take the backup of all Yahoo mailbox items like calendars, messages, tasks to do, etc.
  • This tool can migrate the data of yahoo mailbox to other email clients like Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook,
  • It has a date filter mode which helps to take the backup of specific dates. With this feature, you can set between a range of dates and backup between specific dates.
  • You can save the resultant backup file in your computer to the path where you want to save for ease of access.
  • One of the best features is when you are taking backup of the yahoo mail items and suddenly connection goes down then you can pause and resume the process.
  • The yahoo email backup tool is available at the free demo version and fully licensed version.
  • It is compatible with all new and old versions of the window and Mac.

These are the main highlights of the backup tool and it is a tool that has a very user-friendly and simple interface that can be operable by anyone. It is a professional approach for backup because with manual methods there is a danger of data loss or improper format of the database.


In this article, I gave some of the major factors for the yahoo mail database backup. The basic need for backup in local storage and a yahoo mail backup software for the backup or migration of email clients. When we change the email client like Yahoo to Gmail then we need to migrate all our data to the new Gmail account so with this tool users can easily migrate all the databases in Gmail with proper format and with all the attachments.