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OH MY SHOT! 6 Fantastic Advantages Freelance Photographers Get

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Photography is one of the most impressive and astounding things in this world. You get to capture moments which cannot be taken back. You freeze them into remembrances like they are brand new. 

Numerous people in the world are working as professional photographers. In 2018, a wowing number of 119,475 people in the United States were employed as photographers according to Data USA. 17,100 in Australia in 2019 based on Job Outlook’s statistics. In 2015, over 10,000 professional photographers were listed in one of India’s digital databases for photographers; the number today is definitely a lot higher.

Without a doubt, due to the art and amazement attached to photography, it is loved by many, not only as a hobby but as a profession. Truth is while many stick to their admiration towards photography, tons choose to leave it for jobs which they think will make them more money. It’s a reality that many art jobs are somehow underestimated because of the salaries they go with. That’s very sad, especially if you really want to do what you love most while earning a lot of moolah. 

But here’s some REALLY FANTASTIC news. You can work as a freelance photographer! That’s in case you want to work on another job or if ever you want to broaden possible career opportunities as a snapper! Yes, yes, yes! You are going to bag wonderful benefits too! You better keep reading to know what those are.   


The struggle of many general photographers employed as a regular under a company is being given projects they are not comfortable with. Indeed, even if it has already been a lifestyle for them to shoot and click their cameras, still, there are subjects, themes or events which might give them unease. Many times, there are also very demanding and rude clients, but these employees are not handed the authority to decline.

Freelance photographers are glad and proud to say that they can choose which projects to take and which to turn down. Some are leaning more on event shoots rather than in-studio sessions. Nature photography is the best for some, while humans are others’ favorite subject. Whichever you prefer more, you have the power to pick when you are a freelance photographer.

What’s even more pleasant is if ever you encounter potential clients who are disrespectful, usually those insisting on rates which their requests are not worthy of, you can reject them. That’s minus a stressor, so it’s really an advantage. 


Time is certainly gold, especially in the job of a photographer. Why? Sometimes, the projects are limited by time lengths you agree with the clients. The studio or the venue might be open half day only. The models or the subjects might be available only in the evening. 

Situations like the above-mentioned scenarios are quite hard to schedule for. Imagine if there are a lot of people in the crew aside from you too; it’s more difficult to match everyone’s slate of availability. 

Hooray because being a freelance photographer gives you the freedom to set schedules you are happy with. Again, you may say no to projects you cannot commit to because of the particular dates or the number of days they require you of. 

Though some may say that photoshoots are just a matter of mere clicking and framing, darling, they are NOT a piece of cake at all! Consider other factors such as weather shifts, lighting limitations, the talents of subjects and more. There are many things that can go wrong during a photoshoot, too, especially if it’s a formal one or something that needs to follow strict standards.  

Freelance photographers delight in being able to mark their calendars as they desire. Getting satisfactory results in photography may take a lot of time, so going for schedules you are most convenient with is highly valuable! 


Just as a tourist is touched to meet a fellow countrymen in a different country, encountering fellow artists is a relief and joy for photographers.

When you work as a freelance photographer, you are the boss of yourself. You can explore further than those who are working regularly or contractually under a firm can. Attending photography workshops and conferences could be a practice you can pay attention to since your job tasks are scheduled according to your disposal. Through referrals by friends, families and previous clients, opportunities to meet more people are within reach!

You can gain vast chances to work with diverse artists. Aside from photographers, you may have future projects with well-known videographers, production designers, writers, models, celebrities and other personalities that inspire you. These kinds of privileges will help you learn more and reach further heights in the field. 

Freelance photography gives you a precious shot to learn from other artists not only from afar but close to them. Who knows, you might become good friends with your favorite artists too!


This one might not always be the case for all, especially for those who choose to work exclusively inside studios, but freelance photography opens doors for several fun traveling experiences!

You may accept projects within your city, which is very favorable, but you may also have out-of-town assignments! Say you are working for a travel magazine, you may be requested to come shoot abroad. 

Come on, you will have a more valid reason to travel to London, to Switzerland, to Australia, to Malaysia, to the Philippines and more, to relax! But the truth is it’s work. Hah. That’s really cool, right? It will not really feel or look like work because it’s very pleasurable and memorable too. 


Just because you are working freelance does not mean you cannot earn and get rich! It still lies on how you put your efforts and time into what you are doing.

Being a freelance photographer is actually very profitable since you can take more than one job. If you also know graphic designing, copywriting and others, then you can also pay attention to them. Moreover, you can accept or start as many photography projects as you can. That means you should know your pace and your effective working styles. Without a doubt, you must only commit to what you can really execute.

What many also do not know is that there are tax depreciation benefits and tax deductions which freelancers get. A deduction from the annual tax can be claimed through a segment of the values of the things you use for your freelance photography work. That’s another thing your expenses will scream happily about.


Last but not the least, being able to acquire money from the thing you dreamt yourself to be in is a priceless prize. Absolutely, not forgetting passion and hardwork, even if it’s not a full-time job, you can win money and felicity too! Since it’s photography that your heart beats for, it’s going to be worthwhile.


It’s not good to see and hear anybody talk harshly towards other careers. Nobody has the right to discriminate and undermine any job. 

Regardless if it’s full time or part time, as long as you are doing your best to earn and also to enjoy your decent work, then you are excellent! You cannot be stepped on while you are working hard to feed yourself and support your loved ones and while you are pursuing your aspirations!

Many people who think perfection about themselves say that there’s not much to gain if you are working as a freelance photographer. BUT those people do not know how fulfilling the job actually is, especially if it’s one’s passion and dream. 

Freelance photographers know how rewarding it is to be in their path. Although there are some pitfalls, if you know how to handle them and if you carry the will to overcome them, you will do greatly. You will reap the advantages of being a freelance photographer. 

If you have any plans to work as one, don’t hesitate. Explore the world of photography with a clear mind and an open heart — being a regular or a freelance in it doesn’t really matter. Be wise. Your choice always depends on you.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.