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How Can I Ship My Dog to Another State?

Airline Veterinary Health Certificate

Pets are our best companions who shower humans with unconditional love. They are with you through your highs and lows. No sooner you get them home, they turn into a family and a part of your life. Hence, taking care of them is one of the primary concerns of every pet lover. Especially when you are traveling or shipping your little four-pawed companion to a new state.

Though dogs are pets who are always in for adventures, transiting to a new place can make it anxious too. Hence, as a dog owner and a pet mum or dad, it is immensely necessary to consider your pet dog as well when you are thinking of going to a new state. Making proper arrangements before the travel will ensure there is no trouble experienced during the transit.

Are you thinking of transiting to a new place? Are you in the lookout of ways how to ship your Dog to another state? Well, then you have landed at the right place. By the end of this article, you will be completely stress-free about shipping your Dog to another state easily and hassle-free manner. So, let’s check out a few tricks:

A Vet Check is Must

Though you may be extremely close to your pet, yet a vet is one person who can know about your dog much better. So, first thing first is to get an appointment set with your vet. A trusted veterinarian will be the perfect person to advice on the dos and don’ts when moving with your dog to a separate state. They will know whether it is right for your pet to indulge in long-distance and whether the climatic conditions of the place will fit them well without taking a toll on its health.

Besides, you can also get some medications for anti-anxiety and sedatives prescribed by them to use during the relocation process to keep them calm and in sound health.

Get all the paperwork in order

Travel to another state can either be by road or by flight. However, when traveling with your pet to another state, air travel is considered the best option as it takes minimum time and quick too.

However, few documentations are necessary to be taken care of. For airline travel, you must take Airline Veterinary Health Certificate issued 7 to 10 days before they travel. Check with the airline authorities to know if there are any vaccination shots to get done before your dog.

Buy a shipping container

Irrespective of the mode of transport you have chosen to move across states, getting a suitable dog container will ensure maximum safety and comfort for your little buddy during shipping. These shipping containers are available in different sizes and materials as per your requirement. Before getting a container ensure to keep the following points in mind:

  • The kennel should be sufficiently big to accommodate your pet dog. It should be able to stand, sit erectly, and also lie down without trouble.
  • It should have good ventilation and is made of rigid material like wood, metal, or plastic that are durable. All the metals must be properly fixed. Also, it should contain a handle to carry it with ease.
  • It must contain a latch but never be secured with a lock, so you don’t face any trouble during an emergency.
  • It is recommended to opt for a wheel-less container to avoid unwanted movements.
  • It must contain two dishes – one for food and water that is even accessible from outside.
  • Must include appropriate arrangements like beddings, towels, and blankets for its comfort.

Mode of Shipping

Once you have chosen the right shipping container, the next is to choose the right shipping mode for dog transportation. You can either opt for air travel or by road to take your animal to another state.

If by air:

Ensure if your pet dog is included on the list of “Accepted Live Animals” and will be allowed for shipping or not. Acquire all the required certificates and obtain the right shopping container to have safe travel to another safe.

If by land:

  • Accustom your dog to traveling by taking it on short trips. Hereby it will be able to smoothly adjust to a new experience.
  • Carry along things that your dog is familiar with. Objects like blankets, food, toys, etc. will help reduce their anxiety and make it calmer.
  • You can also opt for a pet transportation company that specializes in relocating your pets safely to another place. They ensure the pet is safe and reaches the new place without any trouble.
  • If you are halting in between, choose a pet-friendly hotel where it feels safe and comfortable.

With appropriate planning, shipping your pet dog to a new state would get done smoothly. Plan, organize, and have fun travel with your pet.