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Complete Guide to Fine Art Relocation

Complete Guide to Fine Art Relocation
Complete Guide to Fine Art Relocation

Moving an art piece requires extra care. Fine art relocation is successful only with the help of special handling and care. You need to get your art piece in its original condition. People love their artwork very much as they invest a large amount of money in them.

This is the reason that they want a safe relocation of their art pieces. Handling art pieces is not possible if you are moving alone. You need to contact the top movers and packers for it.

They are proficient people who have the extra skills to handle and move them to your destination. They take extra measures to keep your art pieces safe during the move. These professionals use the right strategies to relocate your artwork effortlessly. They are quick in their work and manage it professionally.

Here is the complete process that the packers and movers use while moving your precious art pieces:-

Plan for the Artwork Relocation

Good planning is necessary when you are moving your precious artwork. It will help in protecting your artwork. It is important to know about the dimension, material, and weight of a particular art piece. Knowing about it will help the packing professionals choose the packing material for them.

The moving employees will also choose the right transportation after getting their details. Also, the customers will get an idea about the relocating cost of their art pieces.

Assign Someone to Manage the Art Pieces

Careful handling is the key to moving artwork to its destination safely. So, it would be good if you assign someone to monitor the art relocation process. This way, you will get high-quality services from experienced professionals. Also, you will know about the packing, moving, and loading process.

The person you assign to monitor the entire relocation process. He will check your art pieces before the move. He will also oversee that your stuff reaches its destination successfully.

Use the Best Packing Materials

Packing plays a major role in relocating your fine art successfully. Art pieces are fragile. So, the professional packers and movers pack them with appropriate packing material. Some strong packing materials are Bubble wrap, plywood boxes, acid-free paper, etc.

The packers and movers are proficient in their work. They cover the frame of your artwork carefully. Sometimes, they wrap the packing tape around the frame. This way, the paper remains at its place during the whole moving process. Use bubble wrap to repeat the process.

The movers pack them together in packing paper. They do this work carefully by protecting your glass during the relocation process. If you need extra security for your artwork, then buy cardboard corner protectors.

These materials offer protection to them during the move. But, it is advisable not to over-pack them. The over-packing of the items will damage your art pieces. So, hiring reliable packers and movers is necessary. They handle them with extra care and protect them during their relocation.

Keep an Inventory

Preparing a list of your art pieces will help in tracking them. Take photos of your art pieces before the packaging and shipping process. Also, keep a record of your certificates and invoices for future reference.

Choose Experienced Moving Professionals

Make sure to opt for the right packers and movers in Coimbatore. Check their staff as it will ensure the successful relocation of their art piece. So, it is essential to choose an experienced company for it. Experienced moving professionals possess a great knowledge of handling your fragile items.

They know how to handle your artwork safely. These professionals wear special gloves while handling these items. They also make the best use of the right packing materials to save them from fire, and water.

Hence, it is important to hire moving professionals for a stress-free relocation

Use Warehouse with Temperature Control Facility

Sometimes, storage of your art piece is important when there is a delay in relocation. In most cases, the movers store your artwork before delivering it to your destination. So, the warehouse they use has a temperature control facility.  Also, it is humidity-free.

The moving professionals also place the artwork on a height to protect it from water or flooding. They also check if the warehouse has any item that will damage an art piece.

Insure Your Items

It is important to get insurance for your artwork to save them from any damage. The insurance works perfectly in covering the losses of your artwork during transit. You never know what will happen next. So, anything can happen during the relocation. Many difficulties arise that will damage your belongings.

If you have insurance, you will cover your damage easily. So, make sure to get the evaluation of your artwork and get the right cost estimate. Receiving compensation for any damage to your products is easy.

Mark the Box with Notes

It would be a wise step to mark the box in which you put your artwork. Mark your box with both sides with the word ‘fragile and its location such as kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

This will help you in putting the box in the right place.

Put the Boxes in the Right Direction

Make sure to put the boxes in the correct position while loading them on the truck. It is important to put the picture on its side. When you put a picture on its side, it will bear the pressure easily. So make sure to pack the artwork on the edges.

Putting them in the correct position will protect them from any damage. Managing them between the heavy items is also a good idea to save them. Only by correctly positioning them, you will save them.


Moving your artwork becomes easy when you follow the above tips. Choosing trusted packers and movers is always beneficial. They are expensive, but they deliver your artwork safely. They are the best professionals who can work towards protecting your articles.

These professionals do everything to take your products to your destination successfully. So, do not think twice and contact the packers and movers for safe art relocation.