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All You Should Know About A Fuse Box Upgrade


When fuse boards and switches get old, they can no longer comfortably support modern appliances. This will bring about a series of electrical issues in the home like tripping and burning of fuses. It is at this point that the homeowner might need to get a fuse box upgrade. Following safety rules, fuse boards that have consistently been in use for about 10 years should be replaced.

The cost of a fuse box upgrade varies in different buildings. This is because according to recent safety regulations, whenever a fuse box upgrade is made in a building, the electrician in charge also needs to ensure that most connections in the building, including the wiring, are up to date. Therefore, the cost of an upgrade will depend on the status of the other electrical connections in the building.

What is a fuse box?

A fuse box is a very important device in every building, despite its size. Embedded in it are; the main power switches, circuit breakers and switchboards of the building. Its function is to regulate the distribution of power within the building.

When should the fuse box be replaced?

When a fuse box starts displaying several irregularities, it is a sure sign of its end of life span. Usually, when fuse boxes stay for more than 10 years, the time takes a toll on them, causing wears and tears and they begin to fade notably. If ignored, these boxes can lead to a fire hazard. Houses that are still lined with Aluminium wiring need to be replaced with copper.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, then it might be time to consider a fuse board upgrade;

  • Frequent tripping of switches
  • Overheating cables
  • Repeated flickering of light
  • Regular short circuit of new appliances
  • Old and outdated circuit breakers

As stated earlier, an outdated fuse board would not react properly to the use of modern appliances. Appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, and pool pumps will have a drastic effect on the fuse box.

Cost of a switchboard upgrade

There is no specific cost for a fuse board upgrade. A professional can give a range from which to expect, but giving a particular cost is not feasible. This is because each building has its board, different from others in connection, type and number of usage years.

For a basic fuse board upgrade, you should expect to spend between $800 and $1900.

For buildings that require other activities (upgrading the mains, relocation of fuse board, cabling or rewiring) along with the upgrade, then you should expect a cost within $2000 and $4000.

Note that fuse board upgrades are not quite as easy and straight forward as they were previously, due to the reinstating of new safety laws like; general update of your building wiring, especially for homes older than 40 years.

Here are some signs that you need rewiring;

  • Easily heated power points
  • Discoloured power points
  • The constant smell of burning electrical equipment
  • Display of sparks whenever appliances are plugged in
  • Constant short-circuiting when plugging appliances.

To rewire an entire house with copper wiring, which is the most preferred and safer choice, it should cost anywhere between $4000 and $8000.

How long does replacing a fuse box take?

This is also largely dependent on the amount of work to be done on a building. However, using estimates;

Upgrading a basic outdated fuse box to a modern one will take less than 4 hours.

For houses over 25 years, there is bound to be extra work to be done like rewiring and other necessary activities. This could take about 8 hours.

Ceramic Fuses

These were among the first kinds of fuses developed, needless to say, that they are very much outdated. They are also known as Semi enclosed rewire-able fuses (SERF). They function by running fuse wires round screws and then plugging them into the fuse box. This already puts you in a dangerous position, and with the frequency of the short-circuiting experienced with this fuse types, it can be very threatening. If by any chance you still use a ceramic fuse type, then you definitely need an upgrade.

RCD Switches

An RCD (Residual Current Device) Switch is an emergency switch that shuts outs power in dangerous situations. They monitor the flow of current in a circuit, ensuring that all is normal. The moment an imbalance in current distribution is noticed, the RCD picks it up and cuts off the supply of power. RCDs are very important as they can prevent a lot of electrical dangers from occurring. Though they might be expensive, they are a worthy investment every homeowner should make.

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