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When You Desire To Be In A Safer Place

Gold Coast Psychologists

We all undergo a time when things aren’t stable enough, or when we want to build a change, but

we might not know how to make it occur.

A certified psychologist may be just what you demand!


Trauma or chronic stress may have fragmented your body-mind system.

Practicing evidence-based psychotherapies and intense presence, I help you experience, kindly accept and combine the cutoff parts and make some easing to an overstretched nervous method.

This facility allows you a more reliable way to your authentic self and leading wisdom and assists you to build in your life from this area.

The expanding wholeness and richness in your brain, body, mind, and nervous system clears up more relationship, purpose, peace, and energy in your life, health, work, and links.

Gold Coast Psychologists Services may be the imaginary place to get begun on the correct path, and there are two parts:

  • Gold Coast Counselling & Psychology is for those patients attempting e counselling for individual issues such as stress, anxiety, feeling, relationships, trauma, military service, and lifestyle problems.
  • Gold Coast Performance Psychology, which is for those patients who focus on sports, hopes to gain a more robust understanding of the mental skills required to race at a high level.

Our goal is to encourage you deeply to enhance your relationship with yourself, and others. Mental health is frequently playing an essential part of living a positive, fun life for you and your family. Everyone has difficulties along their journey, and we try to give individual, professional attention promptly. We offer a supportive place for you to feel relief, restoration, and more considerable confidence to take action that’s going to improve your life for the better.

Our Psychology team is hugely passionate about helping you generate new and valuable skills and tactics that help you understand, define, and change your habits, emotions, and mental processes that influence your health and well-being. Many characters continue to experience positive gains over time, long after the end of the session.

In our modern culture, CHILDREN can benefit from psychology assistance with the complicated business of developing up, which involves developmental issues, educational issues, character disorders, and bullying, to name a few.

Richard Moore is a very skilled Child Psychologist who can discuss with all children and adolescents across the age of 4 years.

How can we assist you….

  • We study the mind-body relationship as a whole. This different approach often helps in a rapid reduction of symptoms
  • Our psychologists operate with you to help you deliver the best possible health outcomes
  • Psychology care is open to people with private health cover, individuals, couples, and families with Direct HiCaps insisting onsite for Private Health Funds and Medicare rebates. Please communicate your provider for your features as cover ranges from fund to fund.
  • Psychology is free without a doctor’s referral, when you can maintain your private health, but not with Medicare.
  • Richard Moore can support you with psychology beneath workers’ compensation cover.
  • Richard Moore can help you with Child Psychology.
  • Richard Moore is exceptionally fluent in french.
  • Anisha tony has a concern to consult with teenage patients over the age of 12 years.

You can breathe in fresh air after consulting with our Gold coast psychologist! All the Best!