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Are You Marrying A Right Person?

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So, are you marrying the right person?

Your answer should be a straight YES without any smidgen of hesitation because marriage is always a major event in life and it’s something we attack a lot of value and emotion to. When we marry someone, we enter into it with so much hope and so many dreams about marital bliss and a happy life afterward that sometimes it scares us.

Similarly, marrying someone is also a huge leap of faith we take to spend our rest of life with a person we either don’t know much about or don’t know anything at all. And with so much emotional investment, should not we be a bit more careful in choosing our life partner?

So, the question again is, are you marrying the right person?

Chances are, you’re not sure! Whether yours is a love or arranged marriage, you’re never that much sure about the person chosen for you. Beyond the basic information, you don’t know much – you don’t know their past, their behavior, their family, their financial status and so many other things you should know.

And when it’s love marriage, you feel that you know the person inside out but in reality you only know him/her on the surface. And in arranged marriage cases, you even don’t know the person on the surface as well.

Being in such a situation can be tricky and might lead to a bad marriage. To avoid falling into a mess, it’s better to go for pre matrimonial investigation or hire one of top sleuths of India for background check

Here are some of things to check and know whether you’re marrying a right person –

Behavior and character of the person

A right person is to marry is one whose behavior and character is impeccable. He/she is one that has no dark secrets or does not hide anything from you. They treat you well, their social standing is fine and there are not spots on their character.

Social and family standing of the person

You know you’re marrying a right person when he/she has a decent family and their social standing is spotless. And if feel unable to know much about that person’s family or their social reputation, you can always take help of background check for marriage and be sure on this front.

Medical history and physical health of the person

A right person is to marry is one whose health is decent and who does not have any illness or any medical concern. Since most of us hide issues with our medical health, you would be better off in trusting this task to a marriage detective agency as it can investigate and bring you the right information on this regard.

Previous marriage and relationship of the person

A good match for you is one who does not come with something hidden about the past, e.g. regarding their previous marriage, divorce. Similarly, a person who is already committed to someone else and is into a serious relationship elsewhere might not be able to bring the trust and commitment to the marriage. To unearth such matters, you should benefit from pre marriage investigation and get clarity on the matter.

Criminal record of the person

Who knows the person you’re about to marry has a criminal record but you’re unaware since he/she is putting up well in front of you. To avoid falling prey to such a marriage, it’s always better to seek help of a matrimonial detective agency and get well-deserved clarity on this matter.

Job and work profile of the person

A person with a stable job and steady income is always a good match as it can then ensure a secure future. In a lot of marriage cases, both bride and grooms often lie about their job and profile, inflate their salary or give wrong information about their job or work profile. A good detective for marriage can always find out the truth and help you avoid a bad marriage.

Financial status of the person

A person whose financial condition is healthy is more likely to be a good candidate for marriage than those who are weak at money. It’s therefore important to know about their financial standings, including their assets, their liability, debt etc. to get clarity on the subject. With matrimonial detective services, such services are easy to find out.


You can clearly see how pre matrimonial investigation can help you find a right match and pave the way for a happy and blissful married life ahead.

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