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The Power Of Short Videos In Marketing

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When we talk about video marketing, you don’t always have to think about long-term ads or minute-by-minute videos. In fact, short videos are now more fashionable than ever with Vine, Instagram and Twitter.

They are videos that are easier to make, that can even be created with a mobile phone in your video marketing apps   or real estate video marketing campaign and that manage to attract attention quickly on those social networks. Considering that today it seems that we are all in a hurry, it is normal that the less time you “overwhelm” your followers the better than better in some cases.

Why are short videos in fashion?

There are 2 reasons that define the reason for the success of this type of video:

  1. Easy to watch:  a 15-second recipe, a 10-event announcement, or a funny video to promote a new 6-second product is seen before you can say “I don’t want to see it.”
  2. They fit mobile traffic:  a video of more than 30 seconds usually supposes the mobile traffic. They take time to load, spend a lot of megabytes of data transfer with Video Production Services Dubai and are uncomfortable. One of 10 seconds charges quickly, it can be seen without waiting and it does not pose so many problems.

The 2nd point we would say is the most important. More than 50% of web traffic is via mobile and the trend is increasing. There’s no point in wasting all that traffic, is there?

x ways to create short videos to sell more with your business

Yes, short videos sell. And not only that, since they also help to publicize your business and improve all interaction on your different social networks. Not bad for videos that can be made in minutes, right?

We are going to give you some ideas so you can start using these short videos today.


Do you have an organic food e-commerce? Make a video showing how some products can be combined in a recipe.

Do you have a restaurant? Show how you make one of your star dishes so that they see the care you put into each one of them.

Are you an electrician? Explain in a short video how to fix a plug or any other electrical aspect.

And we could continue with examples all day. Tutorials are becoming more and more fashionable and short videos help make them very easy to consume. Just take a look at the Facebook timeline and see how many you have already seen of food, hairstyles, etc.


Demonstrations are the simplest way to make someone want to buy something you sell or hire you. We will use an example as always to make it more graphic.

Imagine you have an aerial drone recording company. Yes, it sounds strange, but it is increasingly common. Don’t you think that a 15-second video recording something spectacular with the drones would attract attention?

This can be done with almost any sector. Just show what you know how to do and have them say “I loved it.”


In a 10-second video you can perfectly show part of an event you want to promote. You can teach a great phrase from a speaker, a key moment at your disco party or the entrance where thousands of people arrive.

Cut the best snippets of your event and create a short compilation video. You will attract attention and generate the need to have to go to him yes or yes.


Customers love to know who is behind an online store or how the people who provide the products or services work. It gives confidence and a feeling of closeness.

A short 10-second video of the office running, of an operator doing something, or of someone packing an order may seem stupid. But is not. You just have to record a video of this type, upload it and check it for yourself.

Do not miss this fashion

The time is now, not tomorrow or the day after. These types of videos are perfect to increase the reach of your Facebook page and give you visibility on other social networks such as Instagram, Vine or Twitter. And the greater the scope, the greater the number of potential customers.