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Reduce Overhead Costs with Offshore Outsourcing

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B2C or B2B, every single business understands the importance of a true IT partner who can go against the grain and provide long-term software development services to business challenges and goals. IT road mapping, planning, forecasting, become mandatory for the highest client satisfaction rates in any industry – providing the maximum ROI to its stakeholders.

To reduce overhead, IT outsourcing goes beyond the fix, in-house services model and provides essential staff augmentation and support solutions for lasting and trusted relationships. Here’s what you can bag with offshore staffing to meet your IT requirements for business growth and development.

Massive Time & Money Savings

Global Outsourcing isn’t a new phenomenon, but with companies adapting quickly to changing technologies for maximized return on investment, the trend of offshore outsourcing is turning into a reliable support system.Remote Staffing to meet your IT needs is necessary for smooth business operations while saving you time and money. The reduced HR cost is a bonus besides engaging one dedicated resource or an entire software development team.

The virtual staff hiring solution help you get your desired resources on board and work on specific tasks based on flexible hourly or monthly rates. You can also engage a dedicated model in which you can hire as many resources as you want- build your own teams to work exclusively for you as your in-house team(s).

Although the cost of virtual employees depends on your work volume and project complexity, on average you can save up to 70% the cost of full-time staff your hire in-house.

Improved Focus on Business Operations

The largest drivers behind improving business focus are reduced operating costs. What’s the best possible solution in this regard? Save money through controlling overhead costs. Generally, organizations tend to hire web developers from another company to perform different software development tasks, and provide the required IT services that cannot otherwise be executed by the hiring organization’s own employees – mainly because they don’t have that expertise. Moreover, it will help save resource hiring, management and infrastructure cost.

For instance, if you are in retail business and want to renovate your online presence you need web and mobile solution providers. Now, instead of recruiting and establishing an entire IT department in your company you better get offshore employees to build premier quality, customized, efficient, and scalable solutions to cater to your eCommerce needs.

Virtual Team with Zero Liability

In-house IT employees are expensive, especially if you need them for a specific period like developing a cloud-based app for your finance business. In addition to monthly salaries, you also need to spend hefty amounts on office space, equipment, government taxes, employee benefits and even insurance costs. The mounting finances will keep consuming your company’s profit. For all these reasons, you should look for a cost-saving alternative and that’s having your virtual team of IT experts who will work as your full-time employees but offshore.

Now, with fully reliable, skilled professionals, work flexibility and scalability, you can save up to 30% of your local project cost.Furthermore,hired resources from a reliable IT outsourcing company will come with zero liability. And, what does that mean? It pertains to no tedious contracts, no government red tape and even saving the taxes because your team is sitting offshore.

In a nutshell,you can make your business operations more agile besides saving huge finances by getting virtual employees on board.Hire dedicated resources from ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd.to drive your business goals by meeting IT challenges with excellence and value for money.