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Kitchen on Wheels to Serve Poor to Combat Hunger

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The role of pandemic outbreak did not only serve many lives to the god of death but also brought some specification of damages that are very hard to deal with. Along with losing jobs, tenants losing shelters and become homeless and the hunger, which is the primary battle for life has also declined.

The impact of repeated strict lockdowns has been a significant cause of developing hunger crises among British people and the rest of the regions where there is a lacking approach of jobs, and people do feed on their own generated services. They lost the connectivity to the big cities of the UK.

This led to an emergence of a population who was entirely dependent on daily life earnings and hardly saved much to lead a good life. The connection between the big cities and villages had broken due to lockdown situations and no jobs available for the people in both places.

Did people face only these situations? Actually Not! The statistics of the people surviving without food having no source of getting meals on time and number of food charities could not work to help them. As a result, the number increased due to the vast incorporation from the authorities.

Through this blog, I will try to call out what people had to face to abolish hunger and how were they dealing with the situation and what you can do for them with a personal vehicle. At last, we shall see how one can take the help of direct lenders in serving food to poor.

Hunger Facts and figures in the UK

  • Many households in the UK are counting under food insecurity with the occupation of 10 per cent adults hunger population. And 10% of the population live with moderate or severe food insecurity.
  • Children under the age of 15 live with food insecurity and a large number of populations of children face moderate or severe food insecurity.
  • The people in the UK waste their food in a considerable amount. It was recorded in the year 2018 that the Wastage of food had reached the quantity of 9.5 million tons.

Role of vehicles in serving food

There is a need to serve people with nutritious food via mobile shops or stalls. Any person can take the initiative whether his pocket allows serving the food by charging less or no cost. The vehicle you own significantly to help hunger can be called as mobile kitchen.

You can visit even vulnerable regions of the country and carrying food for the people who have no access to adequate food at meagre costs. The ownership for a car can be possible with financial help that I have mentioned below in this blog.

Not only to humans but for animals

Humanity does not mean to limit your help to humans while you can serve all creatures, especially stray and abandoned animals which depend on us for their food.

How you can financially occupied?

When you see that you can collect money in the form of donations from affluent or make a charity for food from every house, you can help the hunger to combat their starvation. You can initiate a campaign to make aware the people living in high rated areas about the conditions of people surviving hunger.

You can make teams of young age people that are good at speaking and convincing others to make donations for food to serve needy. You can contact every homer not to waste any food and just share their food with you to circulate among hungers.

The use of the vehicle can be friendly to feed this purpose. With the help of a car, you can approach distant people to avoid their hunger or contact the people who can afford to make donations. A car will definitely help you in taking a lot of food collectively to serve a large crowd of people.

And we all know that all these things cannot be possible without a big car or any other four wheeled vehicles. Therefore, there is car finance in Ireland for even bad credit offered by direct lenders to help you in this move to serve humanity with food.

Switching final interpretation

Food is the fundamental need of a living organism, and its deprivation can lead to a severe form of hunger that is starvation. But we should not relate the hunger what it appears to us. Hunger does not ensure its existence with having visible signs.

When people are not taking good food, having a balanced diet and lack of vitamins and minerals, they are also in the category of the hungry population. The malnutrition has emerged as a fierce sign to challenge the existence of life.

This type of hunger is called ‘Hidden Hunger’, and it affects about one-third population of the world, with over two billion people. It can even affect people’s health and development.