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How to Hire the Right SEO Agency in India?


Today, companies of all sizes in India understand the need for online promotion for the visibility and growth of their business and engage as many potential consumers as they can. The push toward digital is prominent now more than ever due to the drastic pandemic-induced changes that the world witnessed in 2020. Currently, every brand, big or small, wants to connect with hundreds and thousands of customers, without having to physically travel to strut their fare.

Are you a business owner and struggling to give your brand or website the online visibility that it deserves? Do you need professional help to optimize your website for search engines? If so, all you need to do is hire a trustworthy SEO agency in India. A professional SEO company can help you boost your search engine rankings and drive a lot of traffic to your website.

However, there are so many SEO companies out there that selecting the right one can be quite intimidating and overwhelming, especially when each of them claims to be the best. So, here’s a guide to help you navigate the murky selection process and find the perfect agency for your needs.

First things first, why do you need to hire an SEO company?

The first step is to figure out your purpose. If you want to get a quick online exposure and drive visibility & awareness almost instantly, SEO is not the right thing for you. Instead, it’s better to avail PPC services and run paid ad campaigns.

Again, if the majority of your target audience is present on the social media platforms, then promoting your business on various social media channels is more advantageous.

So, when do you need to adopt search engine optimization practices?  If your business belongs to a domain that people often look for on the search engine, engaging SEO services is the most logical step to take.

An example will further clarify your understanding. If you sell makeup products, promoting these on the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram is a relevant way to engage your consumers. Again, if you organize an event or online competition and want to drive as much visibility as you can within a short time span, running paid ad campaigns on search engine or social media is the perfect approach.

On the other hand, if your company provides eCommerce website development services, search engine optimization will be beneficial for you. Your target audience has a high propensity to look for such services on the search engine and if your site has a top rank, it will drive more organic traffic.

You also need to figure out your goal by which you can measure the success of your collaboration with an SEO firm. Some of the common SEO goals are enhanced rankings, more website traffic, increased leads, and so on. If the goals are met, you would know that the partnership is bearing fruit.

Always opt for agencies practising whitehat SEO

Blackhat SEO refers to unethical strategies to race up the competition. The practices may include keyword stuffing, negative link building, and other shortcuts. This might initially fetch you results, but in the long run, it leaves your website vulnerable to be penalized by Google and other search engines.

Therefore, you need to steer clear of blackhat practices and avail SEO services from agencies practising whitehat SEO tactics. The whitehat route implements ethical strategies that are approved by Google and other search engines. These include a well-planned SEO campaign, targeting the right demographic, building quality links, and crafting quality content. The route might be longer, but the results earned are long-lasting.

Check the experience and reviews of the SEO agency

SEO is a complicated process because search engines keep rolling out algorithm updates and changing policies. The only way to overcome such obstacles is to hire an SEO agency that has relevant years of experience in the industry. You would want an SEO partner who has the required skills, expertise, and knowledge to keep up with the changing trends.

Remember, search engine optimization is a combined effort of different teams. Any top-rated SEO company employ experienced business analysts to outline relevant strategies for various business niches, content writers to create high-quality content, designers to produce eye-catchy images, and certified executives who can carry out the entire work. All of them help to make the most of the SEO efforts. Ensure to check that the companies you are shortlisting have adequate resources.

Reviews are another factor that you should consider when looking to hire an SEO agency. Before putting your money, go through the reviews and see what people have to say. This will help you in knowing if the company is truly worth investing in.

Seamless communication

An SEO agency should ensure seamless communication with the clients like you. You should have a point-of-contact right from the beginning with whom you can connect whenever necessary. The team should keep you updated about the target keywords, content, social media posts, and share SEO reports periodically. If required, they will take your approval before proceeding.

Open lines of communication are crucial for any partnership to flourish. So, ensure that the company you choose can be contacted via email, phone, or messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Defined scope of work and tools

A professional SEO agency will share their work activities with you before starting out. They will be upfront about their work scope such as competitor analysis, website audit, keyword research, meta tag optimization, fixing canonicalization issues, number and types of content to be created, etc. They should also inform you if they use any paid tools to track the efficacy. This will help you to understand if your investment is sprouting results.

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are looking to avail the right digital marketing services for your company. Take a look at the company’s profile and their case studies to understand if they would be a good fit for you. Also, once you have made your choice, be patient. When it comes to SEO, it takes time to start seeing results.

Hope the article has helped you to make the right decision when it comes to selecting an SEO agency. Good luck!