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Culinary Arts School Can Lead to a Career in Restaurant Management

Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts

Do you love food?🍜

Do you love to experiment with food?

Are you someone who has a passion for cooking as well?

Did you ever think of getting into the restaurant industry?

If the answers of yours to all the above questions are a ‘yes’, then culinary studies is absolutely the right course for you.

The course will allow you to learn the tricks of the trade and also polish your skills for the industry.

A career in restaurant management can be extremely beneficial for you provided your skills are sharpened enough to serve in the industry. The ever growing food services industry in Indian now is in more need of employees and there are more opportunities now to initiate your own start up in the industry as well.

Some of the key highlights of the restaurant business in India are-

  • The food services industry in India is worth INR 5 lakh crores in 2021
  • The unorganized food services market is worth INR 293,000 crores in 2021
  • The organized food services market in India is worth INR 139,000 crores in 2021
  • The industry presently employs 14 million people in the country
  • The organized, chain and licensed segment of the industry is set to contribute INR 45,000 crores to the Government exchequer
  • It is the 3rd largest service industry in India

The growth drivers of the restaurant business are the following –

  • Technology has brought disruption in the industry for good. The emergence of Swiggy, Zomato and likewise delivery apps has boosted the demand.
  • The growing number of cloud kitchen and takeaways is also contributing to the growth
  • Social media, food apps, food websites and blogs are bringing more eager customers to the market
  • Emergence of food hubs, food fairs in various new locations of cities are bringing in more food lovers and boosting sales
  • All these together are contributing to more innovative food recipes along with older recipes coming back to the market

The career choices that the industry provides you are as follows –

  • Speciality Chef
  • Concept Developer
  • Speciality Baker
  • Chef Manager
  • Food Entrepreneur
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Pastry Professionals
  • Food Photographer
  • Food Blogger
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Food and beverage director
  • Sommelier
  • Fine dining chef
  • Executive chef and more

The best culinary courses in Kolkata actually provide you with the practical experience and hands on learning opportunities. These courses are devised keeping in mind the present industry requirements and standards. If you really do aspire to become a culinary professional in future, make you opt for culinary studies.

One of the culinary courses in Kolkata in the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) will be the most beneficial for you and help you to ensure a smooth entry into the restaurant industry. Happy learning, innovating and cooking!