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Best ways to use Joker in Online Rummy


Rummy, a traditional game, is played mostly on occasions in India. It is considered one of the most popular games in India. With the advent of technology, players can easily access it and play with friends and family.

Indian Rummy is a 13- card game in which the player has to declare cards with valid sets and sequences before the opponent. Joker has a significance in Rummy that adds value to the game. A joker is a zero-point card which can be combined to form an impure set or sequence. Understanding the Joker card can be tricky for beginners, but it becomes useful after knowing the usage of the Joker card in the game.

There are two types of jokers in the game, one is a printed joker, and the other is a wild card joker that can be used as a valuable substitute to make an impure sequence and set. These are as follows:

  • Printed Joker- There are two printed jokers in a deck of cards, out of which one is used in Rummy game.
  • Wild Card Joker- There are four wild card jokers in Rummy card game. A random card is selected at the beginning of the game. For example, 8♣ is the selected card, then 8 of ♥,♦, and ♠ are wildcard jokers in a particular game.

Rummy has some tips and tricks, and we all know that Joker plays an important part in the Rummy game.

  • You can use Joker with high-value cards as this will bring down the score in the game.
  • A vital tip is to keep joker cards melded in groups with other cards; it helps keep your points in check.
  • It can be beneficial if you don’t start forming a set right after the game begins, wait to check the joker card, and then try to make a plan for an impure set or sequence.
  • Players tend to be more alert while Playing Online Rummy Game with Joker card; the player’s probability of winning the game is more by having jokers in the online Rummy.
  • Joker cards can be used to create groups with additional cards, which eventually gives the lesser points.
  • If there are too many jokers in the hand, it is advisable to discard the joker card.
  • Joker can be used in Rummy to extend the sequence or set; it is not used to form a pure sequence or set.
  • The other players cannot pick a joker card once discarded in the Rummy game, which is an essential tip for Rummy lovers.

To conclude, Rummy is a popular game among all age groups, as online Rummy allows players to win exciting prizes and rewards. The Joker card plays a significant role in the Rummy game. It should be used very carefully as a joker card should not be wasted. It can be used to make an impure set or sequence.

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